So who am I?  I am a man who has spent the last 5 years holding public officials accountable and reminding them of their duty to represent the public’s interest not special interests.  I have told the truth even when the truth was difficult to hear and harder to follow.  I am a proud Champion of health, children, community and doing what is right. 

There is a new two party system in Washington-those that represent special interests and the lobbyist that do their bidding and those that represent the public’s interest no matter how difficult that maybeI plan on being the leader of the representatives who fight for the public’s interest.  I have proven myself over the past 5 years working full time in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Washington DC talking to local officials, Senators and Congress members face to face reminding them of their job, duty, and their responsibility and morale obligation to protect and serve the public.

My work experience gives me personal experience in our public school, medical, correctional and mental health systems.  I have worked for private fortune 200 companies, small businesses, non-profits and government agencies.   I have been a public servant for the past 20 years.  I have a master’s degree from UCLA and undergraduate training from Lafayette College.

To vote for me is to vote for the type of representative that we all want to see in office.  Someone committed to serving his local, state and national community and determined to do what is right by the citizens not special interests of this country.  You will be proud to have voted for me.  I am committed to making a difference and leading others to do the same.

I have worked tireless to make a real difference throughout my working career and I will use my elected office to further the good I can do for the State of California and the Nation.  I plan to be a model Senator leading the nation in doing what is right, serving the people and taking action to make the lives of every Californian truly better.

To this I promise-Vote for me.  Kevin Mottus